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River of Murder

99 min

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In 1985, Seung Ho and Dong Shik were best friends at the same middle school. They both have a crush on Myeong Hee, but she doesn't have the same feelings for either of them. One day, the two best friends make a bet to find out what's on Myeong Hee's mind. But, the next day, Myeong Hee is found dead and raped. Police officers investigate and find Dong Shik's older brother Kyung Shik, who is mentally ill, as the prime suspect. Since that time, the relationship between Seung Ho and Dong Shik rapidly disintegrated.

In 1991, Seung Ho, a college student activist, is imprisoned. While in prison, Seung Ho meets Kyung Shik, who is serving time for the murder of Myeong Hee. Seung Ho questions Kyung Shik about the murder, but Kyung Shik only repeats the same word. Suddenly, Kyung Shik kills himself. Because of Kyung Shik's death, Seung Ho and Dong Shik have an uncomfortable meeting.

By 1998, and after the conviction of Kyung Shik as a murderer, Dong Shik's family is scattered. His older sister Jin Hee works as a prostitute in Seoul and is murdered. Seung Ho, now a prosecutor, takes the case and meets Dong Shik.

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