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Hospital Playlist 2 Episode 1


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Hospital Playlist 2 Episode 1 Review


Hospital Playlist Part 2 (Hospital Playlist 2) is one of the most notable Korean dramas in 2021. The quality cast and good cooperation are factors that help the work to be loved. The film revolves around the busy lives of doctors in YULJE hospital.



Hospital Playlist 2 (Doctor's Life Part 2) is a story about YULJE hospital, where there are dedicated and dedicated doctors. They used to know each other when they were schoolboys 10 years ago, all five became doctors and worked together in the same hospital. Times changed, but the bond between them remained as strong. In general, the film is about a doctor who is passionate about life. People, the energy of youth is always full to serve the patients from severe to mild cases.

The 5 main characters in the movie 'Hospital playlist 2' are played by Kim Dae Myung, Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jeon Mi Do, and Jung Kyung Ho. They are all talented faces in the Korean film industry.


All 5 main characters are good doctors in 5 different faculties. They were close from university in 1999 until they worked together in a hospital. Although each person has a personality, the difference inadvertently makes this group of 1999 friends closer together and also brings many bad and funny situations to viewers. Let's take a look at each of the following people!

Kim Dae Myung as Yang Seok Hyeong

Yang Seok Hyeong is an obstetrician, he is the calmest person in the group of close friends and also has a difficult private life: his mother is ill and divorces his father, his father is adulterous and his sister dies. Kim Dae Myung is a Korean actor. He started his acting career in theater, then became famous in the TV series Misaeng: Life is not complete. Although he is 40 years old, the actor is still quite unfamiliar with television viewers, with the work Hospital Playlist 2 (Doctor's Life Part 2) is considered a work that helps him appear in front of TV viewers more.

Jo Jung Suk as Lee Ik Jun

In the movie Doctor's Life Story 2, Lee Ik Jun is the only one in the group of friends who is married and has a young son. Throughout the movie, he is a charming joker to create laughter for his friends, but when he needs seriousness, he always thinks carefully, so he is very popular with both his superiors and juniors and patients at YULJE hospital.

Jo Jung Suk was born on December 26, 1980, is a South Korean actor. He started his career on stage, acting in Spring Awakening, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, The Harmonium in My Memory, and many other musicals before coming to Hospital Playlist part 2. After nearly a decade of acting. Stage, Jo had his first movie role in the movie Architecture 101.

Jeon Mi Do as Chae Song Hwa

Chae Song Hwa is the only female doctor in the movie Doctor's Life Story 2, she has very good control over her own life and is talented in patient care. Fate did not smile at her as she was again capable of malignancy. As the only girl in the group of best friends in 1999, Chae Song Hwa also had some instant "crushes" with naughty friends.

Jeon Mi Do is quite similar to Kim Dae Myung and Jo Jung Suk, she is a musical actress switched to acting. Therefore, she has very few works in hand even though she is 38 years old. In addition to the Hospital Playlist, she also appeared in the projects Mother and Metamorphosis.

Yoo Yeon Seok as Ahn Jeong Won

Ahn Jeong Won is an adorable pediatrician, compared to the other 4 people in Doctor's Life (part 2), he is the youngest. Jeong Won's dream is to become a parish priest, following in the footsteps of his two older brothers and two sisters, who both left home to serve God. Personal life story, his superficial background never revealed to his friends, but he is always secretly helping financially difficult patients.

Ahn Yeon Seok was born on April 11, 1984, commonly known by the stage name Yoo Yeon Seok, is a South Korean actor. After debuting in 2003 with a small role in Old Boy, he continued his acting career in 2008. At the age of 36, the actor has a stable career and a huge film fortune. such as Teacher Y Duc, Mr. Anh Duong, Reply 1994, Cinderella's Conspiracy, Life Like a Dream, .. It can be said that medical films, doctors are Yoo Yeon Seok's forte. Doctor's private life is no exception. Jung Kyung Ho as Kim Jung Won

Kim Jung Won is a well-known doctor with his talent to manipulate his juniors about cardiology, no less than his seniors, he is a factor with a sense of humor, but also a person who often gives candid shares. Besides, he also gained a lot of love thanks to his romantic relationship with female soldier Lee Ik Sun (played by Kwak Sun Young).

Jung Kyung-ho, also written as Chuong Kyung-ho, was born August 31, 1983) in South Korea, is a South Korean actor. His father is director Jeong Eul-young. Jeong Gyeong-ho graduated from Chung-ang University and started his career in 2004 through the movie 5 Stars. Compared to other actors in Doctor's Life Story 2 actors have the longest acting time. Regarding private life, Jung Kyung Ho is currently dating Sooyoung - a member of the girl group SNSD. The couple went public in 2014, but so far there is no information about the wedding.