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It's Okay to Not Be Okay, a 2020 Korean drama created by Studio Dragon, a drama in the emotional, psychological and horror genre. Directed by Park Shin-woo and written by Jo Yong under the production direction of Gold Medalist and Story TV. It stars Seo Ye-ji and Soo-hyun.


Even though the full movie has been released, up to now, It's okay to not be okay is still the most popular. Impressing the audience by interesting stories with a lot of psychological focus, from two to marbles are enough. But few people know the mysterious stories behind this cult film. Here are facts that fans who have watched or not watched movies should also know about the movie.

1. Moon Young's brand-name fashion style is just to protect herself

Moon Young soon became the "queen" in the fashion world in It's okay to not be okay when she wore her outstandingly luxurious outfits. But the director's intention is to create a perfect cover of her appearance to conceal and protect her weak and vulnerable nature. This is the first secret to be announced behind Moon Young's impressive, showy fashion style that many people wonder about.

2. Seo Ye Ji and Kim Soo Hyun did a commercial together before

In 2014, the couple Seo Ye Ji and Kim Soo Hyun used to act together in an advertisement clip before making the drama screen together this time. Specifically, the only 30-second advertisement about the couple's Petitzel dessert at that time was very popular with the audience. Then Seo Ye Ji's name was more noticed by appearing with the male god Kim Soo Hyun, she was even invited to join "Running Man" at that time.

3. Kim Soo Hyun was really touched by Seo Ye Ji's line

Accordingly, the sentence "Don't wear a hat, I won't see this handsome face" by Seo Ye Ji moved Kim Soo Hyun in countless times of her tossing the salty hearing from Seo Ye Ji's, Kim Soo's skin. Hyun once again confessed that her heart was fluttering at this somewhat simple statement.

4. The supporting cast are all familiar faces

In the previous dramas of Seo Ye Ji and Kim Soo Hyun, the supporting characters in It's okay to not be okay are all familiar faces who have acted with both of them. Specifically, Kim Mi Kyung, who plays a nurse working at the hospital, played Ye Ji's mother in the TV series Super Daddy Yeol. Kim Chang Wan, who plays the role of the director of a psychiatric hospital named Oh Ji Wang, used to be Kim Soo Hyun's old friend in My Love From The Star and also acted alongside Seo Ye Ji in Hwarang.

5. Ye Ji's waistline in the movie is suspected of photoshop

In episode 6 of It's okay to not be okay, Moon Young appeared with Minju's high slippery pink set, from which Korean netizens suspected that the actress's waist was digitally edited. . The shocking highlight is that the unbelievably small waistline has caused controversy after the image was released, almost everyone admired her ant waist.

Some opinions do not claim that it is Ye Ji's true waistline but digital abuse. To answer this, the film director shared, "In fact Seo Ye Ji owns a height of 1m69 and her weight only fluctuates around 43kg, so such a waistline is also understandable".

6. The director marks Seo Ye Ji at first sight

When asked about his casting process, director Park Shin Woo said that the role of Moon Young belongs to a two-dimensional female crazy character, cold, indifferent, but fragile inside. Because of this, it is very difficult to choose an actor who can balance the role of Moon Young.

However, the director had a more certain belief when he saw Seo Ye Ji and believed that the actress was capable of taking this difficult role well. The decision to choose Seo Ye Ji was as expected, she did well from her eyes, gestures to charisma as if she was born to be Moon Young.

7. The books in the movie are sold in the market

Zombie Kid, Nightmare Eat Boy, .. are the titles that make up the brand of fairy tale queen Ko Moon Young in It's okay to not be okay. It is worth mentioning that these titles are popularly sold in real life for 233,000 VND - 326,000 VND per book (about 12,000 KRW - 16,800 KRW in Korean currency), on websites such as: Kyobo Books, Korea Yes24 or Gmarket . The story contains special stories that are meant to soothe the hurting of the aforementioned series of titles that are worthy of your choice regardless of your age.

8. The outside scenes of the psychiatric hospital were filmed at a coffee

The Stable Mental Hospital is one of the main settings in It's okay to not be okay. In addition to the classroom, hospital room, etc. scenes, the scenes shot outside the hospital campus also account for the majority of the scenes in the movie. However, few people imagine that the scenes outside the hospital were set at a Cafe called Secret Blue in Gangwon Province, Korea. The beautiful coastal view and natural green gardens meanwhile the scenes inside the hospital are filmed in a studio.


1. The color of the film is like fairy tales

It's okay to not be okay is methodically invested from the color of the fairytale movie to the graphics to satisfy the viewers' eyes since the first episode was aired. The most impressive is the monumental castle built with CGI (Computer Image Simulation Technology) from a narrow facade, a scene showing the mania of the character takes 2 months. post production.

Not only that, that castle also cost dozens of costumes from simple to splendid, carefully selected to show the character and condition of the character. It can be said that the aforementioned adjustment has greatly contributed to improving the quality of the film It's okay to not be okay and well supports the purpose of conveying the film's message. From there, bringing the most meaningful and satisfying movies for viewers.

2. Humanistic message

The humanistic message in It's okay to not be okay has been conveyed in a unique way right from the time it was first aired. This is a special feature of the film compared to other films, specifically, right from the first episodes It's okay to not be okay has impressed with the unique theme "discovering the world of psychically abnormal people. physical". The film emphasizes a different understanding, the respect from which to seek ways to heal each other's wounds. The humanistic messages are effectively conveyed by the film through a series of familiar fairy tales and self-composed stories that reflect the lives and personalities of the characters, thereby touching the empathy of the characters. audience. Family affection, friendship, love, human love, sentimental lines intertwine convincingly together.

Compared to many movies in 2020, the movie It's okay to not be okay has been successful with building and developing good characters. Sang Tae (played by Oh Jung Se) from a "idiot" who is fully covered in care to someone who can take care of and comfort others, Kang Tae (played by Kim Soo Hyun) from having to live patiently. because others come to know how to express their true wants and thoughts. And finally Moon Young (Seo Yi Ji) from a girl heavily obsessed with the past has "freed" herself. The factor that helps the movie `` It's okay to not be okay '' is eagerly awaited by viewers for each episode thanks to the positive, rational and human transformation of the characters.

3. The "hugging and turning the wheel" phase is unexpectedly not inferior to the detective film

The steering turns that make everyone feel wholehearted is that the movie comes from a set of "healing", but It's okay to not be okay as the end becomes a work of horror-oriented detective work. The film gradually opens up terrifying secrets at times when the audience is most not expecting it thanks to the use of the relatively dark overall film color. One of the main secrets is exposing Sang Tae's obsession after the male lead's confession or revealing the identity of Nurse Park's "villain boss" after the happy moments of the three main characters. the emotions of the audience simultaneously "plunged".

In general, when anyone watching the full movie It's okay to not be okay will feel clearly an emotional train that is both scary and excited, when the film exploits nothing from murder to violence, unexpectedly interwoven at moments. Carve happy life.

4. It's okay to not be okay contains high information value

The film helps viewers understand a lot more about the subject of psychological instability. Specifically, about the nature of the medical condition as well as the worldview of unstable people, mania, autism, anti-social personality disorder, delusional obsession because of painful memories, alcohol addiction, quite a lot. pathology has been exploited by the film quite in detail and relatively enough to follow the reality. More or less audiences can gain new knowledge about a special group of people through the movie It's okay to not be okay.

5. The top chemistry of the two main actors

One thing that many people do not know is that Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji are of the same age, this is also the rare first time the couple acted together in a project and the results were really satisfactory when the viewers were all. as if wanting to fall to the theaters in front of the two's very quality interaction not only from screen to stage but also in real life.

With Kang Tae's quiet lifestyle and Moon Young's carelessness, creating two opposite extremes that attract and reconcile each other, making the two's emotional moments both dramatic and romantic and successful. Island viewer in 2020.

6. Persuasive acting from main role to supporting role

All three main actors Seo Ye Ji, Oh Jung Se and Kim Soo Hyun have successfully completed their duties. Go Moon Young still impresses with the arrogance and instability that occupies the "spotlight" in the eyes of the audience, but more surprisingly, Kim Soo Hyun impresses with the crying scenes that come into the heart and more surprising is still Seo. Ye Ji convincingly portrayed. In particular, actor Oh Jung Se is one of the veteran Korean actors who proved his acting level when his incarnation was judged by the audience inside and outside Korea for 3 hours as a nail "without holes. ".

And it is impossible not to mention that the supporting characters have also received the admiration of the audience thanks to their natural transformation ability. Sang In (Kim Joo Hyun), Joo Ri (Park Gyu Young) or Jae Soo (Kang Gi Doong) help viewers have pleasant moments amid unpredictable tense series. National mother Kim Mi Kyung continues to bring the image of a sensible mother to balance the emotions of the film, while head nurse Park (played by Jang Young Nam) makes viewers "frightened" with god. "scare people" of yourself. Even the guest Kwak Dong Yeon plays the manic patient because of her heartbreaking sincere incarnation, the audience has to admire the movie `` It's okay to not be okay '' once more.

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