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Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy (2004)

24 min.

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### About Series "Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy (2004)"

Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy was produced in 2004 and is the 19th installment in the Ultra Series that aired in Japan in 2004. It is the sequel to Ultra Q, the first installment of the Ultra Series. It retains the same swirl effect for the title tag, but with the text "Dark Fantasy" added underneath, the title remains in black and white.

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Native Title: ウルトラQ dark fantasy

Also Known As: Urutora Kyū: dāku fantajī

Director: Yagi Takeshi

Drama: Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy

Country: Japan

Episodes: 17

Aired: Apr 7, 2004 - Sep 29, 2004

Main Actors:

Hakamada Yoshihiko as Sakamoto Goichi

Sano Shiro as Tatsumi / [Narrator]

Kusakari Masao as Watarai Kakunoshin

Sakaguchi Shinya as [Detective] (Ep. 7)

Iijima Daisuke as Prosecutor Omori (Ep. 10)

Ito Seiko as [Female employee] (Ep. 9)

Kayo Aiko as Kanaya Jun (Ep.22)

Kuno Makiko as Hekate [Goddess of the magical moon] (Ep. 21)

Sakai Masato as Wakabayash

Horiuchi Masami as Kadono

Nagasawa Nao as Komachi

Ishibashi Kei as [Delivery person]

Otaki Akitoshi as Yagi

Kondo Yoshimasa as Yamazaki

Watanabe Ikkei as Hanada

Maeda Ai as Sora

Director Actors:

Yagi Takeshi

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An anthology of weird and fantasical stories- this was right up my alley. My only issue with this program is not all the episodes are avail anymore and with some of the stories we never got a complete ending- things were just left up in the air. Now that may the fault of the last several episodes being deleted or that's how they were written- who knows. Some of the stories were really good/ weird while others were just like wtf/ no but it's to be expected. I would still recommend as the episodes are short and one doesn't really need to think a lot while watching. (kissasian)

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